Spirituality ~ Creativity ~ Prosperity


Here are 10 incredible Manuals for all seekers of hidden secrets and treasures of Truth, Wisdom, Health and Success (Omni-Science System). They are simple and easy to use in daily tasks or problems by all “open-minded” Students of Life in this Self-Education Library. Main Visions and Ideas are original, which can inspire and enrich everyone. They will expand human potential in health, wealth and happiness. Many divine mysteries are revealed beyond ordinary beliefs, dogmas, myths and theories, for Soul-Enlightening, Mind-Powering and Body-Healing, etc.


What kind of Thought-Seeds we plant in our “mental fields” and nurture them properly, that quality of fruits we will harvest in this incarnation and coming life-times. We are fully responsible for all our intentions and actions in our eternal existence. Some people will grow up, others must fall down to lower positions or different species in next rebirths (like dying at night and morning new awakening).


Your self-improvement progress is the most important and valuable energy investment, and mental instrument in your existence. You can activate your Personal Mind levels, if you know how to connect and plug it into Cosmic Mind, with its high voltage of Infinite Intelligence Process (without short-circuits, shocks and disasters). When you develop wisely your own Mind-Power (with Solar and Soul support), you can create incredible miracles and produce wonderful manifestations in the world of plentiful abundance and life of blissful happiness.


The Life-Solutions series can help to enlighten your mind, energize your body and enrich your life. You become more peaceful and successful, when you discover the true Soul-Mission, real Life-Purpose and ultimate access into secrets of Divine Universe. The condensed Manuals are simple to understand and easy to practice in making most effective decisions and providing best creative values for your spiritual joy, mental satisfaction and material prosperity.


Seek Always Wisdom

  1. COSMIC WISDOM – 10 Truth- Revelations (most wonderful Visions)
  2. GREATEST ABUNDANCE – Ultimate Life-Secrets (Wisdom Report)
  3. HEALTH & WEALTH – 10 Power-Instructions (much advanced Hints)
  4. HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – Ultimate Mind-Secrets (Wisdom Report)
  5. INSTANT HEALING – 20 “Mind-Body” Programs (Mind-Power)
  6. INSTANT SUCCESS – 20 “Mind-Career” Programs (Mind-Power)
  7. TRUE FREEDOM – 10 Life-Treasures (many important Values)
  8. SOUL-ENLIGHTENING – Light, Love & Life Mysteries
  9. MENTAL PRINCIPLES – 10 Personal Forces – Creating own Destiny
  10. UNIVERSAL LAWS – 10 Cosmic Powers – Perfect Justice System
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